Essentials Oils

Heal yourself

I believe that everyone has the power to learn, grow and change! We just need a little help sometimes.


Lavender and Serenity are my go to oils which I use if I have problems falling asleep. When my mind is distracted with too many thoughts and I just can’t calm down. It relaxes and helps me to dive into a deep sleep so I am fully rested for the next day.

Cheer is my favorite oil which I use if I need to lift up my feelings when I feel a little down.

Balance is one of the best oils for me. Balance is the key to a good life. I put a drop underneath my feet when I wake up to ensure my balance during the day.

Frankincense is a great oil for the skin but also for our overall immune, and digestion functions. I often mix it with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil and apply to my skin when I have irritations on my skin.

Deep Blue- the oil for my muscles and joints after a long workout or when I feel some pain in my body. It gives my body a soothing effect and reduces all pain immediately.

I use Peppermint to bring me back into presence. It helps me to focus and be fully aware. Great to start the day with Peppermint.


If you are interested in our doTERRA oils here is a guide to order your essential oils. Of course you can also send me a message and we go through it together or I send you a sample first.

You will get your own account and you can order the oils for a wholesale price (you save 25%). After becoming a Wholesale Member, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33. 

Step 1: Sign up through this link:

Step 2: Click on Join & Save

Step 3: Here you have another overview of the advantages being a member. Scroll down to Join doTERRA.

Step 4: Choose your language and country.

Step 5: Choose Wholesale Customer to get your 25% discount. Or choose Wellness Advocate like me if you want to earn commission with your doTERRA oils when you recommend them to other people. You can always change from a Wholesale Customer to a Wellness Advocate.

Step 6: Enter your data. Choose a password and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on continue.

Step 7: Choose your enrollment kit. I would recommend the Family Essential Kit (You get all the basic oils for your daily life like Peppermint, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, DigestZen, OnGuard, Breathe, Oregano and two bottles of OnGuard and Peppermint Beadlet. Or if you want more choose the Home Essential Kit then you get all oils in a 15ml bottle instead and you also receive a diffuser.

Step 8: Choose your payment option- credit card or direct debit. (Direct debit always takes a bit longer to process)

Once you signed up you’ll get a confirmation email from doTERRA with your account credentials where you can now always order your oils.

Send me a message if you have questions. You are now part of my team. Welcome 🙂