Daily Oils

Heal yourself


Balance is one of my favorites. I think it’s so powerful and balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. I put a drop underneath my feet when I wake up to ensure my balance during the day and a feeling of grounded. I sometimes use it during the day as well if I will like I need to ground myself.



One drop every morning with warm water! That’s the first thing I drink. It just gives my immune system a healthy lift and it taste good. So fresh!



Frankincense is a great oil for the skin but also for our overall immune, and digestion functions. I use this one in the morning for my face, sometimes mixed with Lavender and Malaleuca oil and apply to my skin when I have irritations on my skin. Before I go to bed I apply Melaleuca oil on my face or wherever I have irritations on my skin.



Great addition to a cold shower in the morning. It just brings me back into presence. It helps me to focus and be fully aware. Great way to start the day with Peppermint!



Lavender and Serenity are my favorites as well. I use it if I have problems falling asleep. When my mind is distracted with too many thoughts and I just can’t calm down I use Serenity. It kind of relaxes my brain and helps me to dive into a deep sleep so I am fully rested for the next day. If I just can’t sleep and but feel tired I use Lavender and just in a few seconds I am fully asleep.