About Me


Hi, my name is Lea. And this is my story. It’s about creativity, health and balance. It’s the way we live. Being part of something incredible, to connect to others. We want to create memories, unforgettable moments for us and for the world in return.

Everyone has the power to learn, grow and change

Life is a journey. Every day, every minute, every second. We are all connected to everyone and everything around us in this world. Each moment is an experience. Life is learning. Learning to have humor, joy, to be in nature. And everything that comes with that is love, happiness and health. We want to believe, we want to believe in peace. The peace in us, in the universe. But the world shifts beneath our feet. Reacts and collides. This is my story from a little girl to a grown up woman who is still learning and experiencing life. Because thats what it is all about. Live means to learn, to experience and to create.

Unified by love for life and the people who are part of it

I am a mentor that specializes in the basics of life and health. From depression, to diseases and loneliness. We all go through that. Not knowing what to do. Me included. But we are here now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. We have the ability to create our own lives. We can learn to take control of ourselves, to nourish our body, to move ourself in a natural way, to have healthy relationships, to find that reason to get up in the morning, to feel, to think, to love! This is our life.

Our experiences refine us and create our most valuable resources

How do you learn about yourself and life? You have to experience it. I am a certified Mark Lauren Bodyweight Master Trainer and a Health Coach as well as a Thai Massage Teacher. But what most shaped me is my experiences in life. To travel, to discover the world, myself, cultures, people. Learning is life. I like to connect things, to go deeper, to explore. Thai Massage, Movement, Health Coaching that all comes together. I am connecting the Body & the Mind.

Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before