Healing Through Body Connection

Hamburg & Bangkok


Open your energies

Thai Massage stimulates circulation and flexibility. It’s an Asian floor massage technique to open your energy lines and improve your health. It incorporates breathing techniques, along with acupressure points and trigger point techniques. It is recommended at least once a month to be effective.



Feel free and light

Connect with your body and get moving. Movement is medicine. It does not just help you to improve your health, it also lets you connect with yourself. It helps you to focus, to be aware and to love yourself. The Body & Mind. It is all connected!



Heal yourself

There are lots of ways to heal yourself and your body. Everyone has the ability to do so. Sometimes we just need a little help. Essential oils are a natural, very effective way to support yourself on that journey.


Everyone needs different things in life. We are all connected but we are all different. What works for me might not work for you. I am here to help you to find the right thing for you and your body.


How to deal with our everyday emotions? A lot of these arise through are thinking, experiences and how we learned. Most of them are stored in our body. Learn to release and let go.


The body heals itself by itself. We just need to let it do the work and give it the right tools. That’s why I love using essential oils to cleanse and support my body and to help myself through that journey.


You have to do the work . But you don’t need to go alone. There are thousands of different ways to heal yourself, love and connect to your body again. I am here to guide you!


"When we put every piece of our life together. We are wholly. If they work together we are in balance. And the wheel can roll. ”